How do crystals heal? Crystals are just pretty stones, right?



So how do crystals heal

Well, according to physicist Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Our current understanding of energy as a constant force that is ever-changing in the universe wasn’t really confirmed until the late 19thcentury. After working on numerous experiments in 1867, Austrian chemist Carl von Reichenback discovered the fact that crystals created an invisible force field around them. We have learned through the study of quantum mechanics that everything that exists within our universe is itself a vibrating energy field. Everything has energy. All matter, both animate and inanimate is made up of vibrating strings of electricity (or energy). These energy fields can influence and be influenced by other energy fields they encounter. This conclusion was based upon the experiments conducted in 1970 by the director for the American Institute for the study of crystals, Dale Worker.


Entrainment and compatibility

  • Humans are very in tune with the energy of other energy fields. For example, you might notice that you just don’t really ‘vibe’ with another person. Or maybe someone just creeps you out for some unknown reason. When you notice this, you are sensing energy and recognizing that someone else’s energetic vibration isn’t compatible with your own energy.
  • Have you ever been around a really negative person and felt your mood dropping from being near that person? Or have you been around a highly positive person and felt your mood lift? This is entrainment: Defined as the tendency of one vibrational system to affect the other so the two moves into synchronize.


Vibrations and energy

Scientific research has shown an amazing fact: Crystals all vibrate at different frequencies. For example, a digital watch works because a small piece of quartz vibrates at a constant frequency when it is stimulated by the energy from a battery. The quartz itself is what makes timepiece so accurate. Scientists discovered that the atoms in a micro-thin slice of synthetic quartz (which is best for watches and clocks) vibrate at 32,678 times per second. As the atoms in the quartz vibrate, they emit very precise electronic pulses. These pulses are then channeled through microchip circuitry, where they are halved in a series of 15 sets. The result is that it produces a single, constant pulse per second. This is why watches and clocks are so accurate.


How we stimulate crystals

Experts believe our bodies act like a watch battery and that we can stimulate crystals in such a way that they can have this beneficial effect towards our well-being simply put: if we place a crystal close to use, our bodies will tune into a crystal’s frequency and vibrations. Crystal happen to be great at absorbing energy. Not only do crystals have their own energy, but they are good conductors and hold on to energy well. So, when you are holding a crystal or are near a crystal, that crystal’s energy effects your own energy.


Energy and crystal use throughout history

There are many types of energy that each crystal can hold, therefore there are numerous options available to you based on what type of energy you are looking for to improve your life. While scientific research is fairly new, using crystals for spiritual, emotional, mental. And physical healing is an age-old practice dating back thousands of years. Way back when modern medicine was a mystery to most civilized cultures, people used herbal remedies, spiritual practices and crystals to heal the sick and to protect against potential diseases. These methods were considered sacred and true until science and medicine were modernized, branding these original practices obsolete. It is important to understand, though, that for thousands of years, these methods were the only one’s people had, and they worked!

All throughout history, there has been an understanding of Life Energy, Flowing in, around, and through everything all of space and time. There are various waves of energy. In other cultures, it might be known as Chi, Life Energy, Prana, and many different. The fact that there is so much historical reference to all these things from around the globe and throughout centuries of history, means that this is something that we as humans have understood to be true. Wherever or not we are currently able to measure this energy without current census does not negate the fact that we have intuitively perceived it throughout all our known history.



As I already mentioned, crystal healing is a system based on the transference of and harmonization with the natural vibrational energies of crystals with an aim towards healing. Crystals have their own vibration, just as the human body has its own vibration. The human body is subject to entrainment when it encounters other vibrations; therefore, when you work with crystals, they can charge your own body, mind, and spirit energies through entrainment. The crystals vibrations may change a little as well. Because crystals generally have higher vibrations that the human body, they tend to raise your vibration. Vibrating at a higher rate is helpful for humans because it allows us to advance spiritually, physically, and emotionally.


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